Pamela's Confessions...

Switching to the first tense now....

--I have to admit that I have adjusted to being different by striving to be eccentric. ( I have always been "different," even before I became disabled.)  At this point in my life I cannot differentiate between which of my differences are self-inflicted and which are gifts from the Universe. 

--I screen my phone calls.

--I often sign on AOL in cloaked mode.

--I have a problem with food, in that I have a difficult time wanting to eat.  I have many fantasies about food that don't involve eating it.  I wonder if these two things could be related.

--In college I paid a custodian $10 to steal a copy of an exam.

--I have done obscene things with Barbie dolls.

--I am an alcoholic; I have not had a drink in 20 years.  I hate that alcohol is an ingredient in many herbal remedies.

--I am addicted to Vicks Vapor Rub.

--I have an imaginary best friend, Cindy.

--Sometimes I take imaginary trips where I tell every one I am going out-of-town somewhere, so that they leave me alone.

--During my starving college days I sold Mary Kay Cosmetics; during my starving artist days I sold Blue Green Algae.  

--I have worked as a phone solicitor three times that I can remember; the worst one selling accordion lessons to parents for their children.


--I have a tattoo.


--I like to show my breasts.