Pamela shares Brushes With Fame... (in no particular order)

(DISCLAIMER: Pamela is embarrassed...well, even ashamed in some admit a few of these.)


Pamela hosted an event with DANNY GLOVER.

Pamela said hello to LAURIE ANDERSON backstage while using the disabled bathroom
(it was the only wheelchair accessible one...oh, darn).

Pamela squeezed JACKIE CHAN's biceps!

One of the EAGLES went to Pamela's high school in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

THOTH played for Pamela at her 50th birthday extravaganza.

Pamela met and had a great conversation with a roadie for RAY CHARLES.

Pamela met the man who operates the elevator for the PRESIDENT of the USA.

Pamela sat beside someone who might have been BILL GATES on a puddle jumper between islands in Hawaii.

Pamela met and had some wonderful conversations with AUNT PEG (Juliet Carr).

Pamela was on a talk show with RICHARD SIMMONS.

Pamela met RED SKELETON and he drew a cartoon character of himself for her.

Pamela kissed PAUL of "Peter, Paul and Mary."

Pamela's ex-hub passed a joint to a member of WAR through windows of moving vehicles
on a Highway in Oregon while she was in the car.

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