Pamela's new home...

April 2, 2006: I found a wonderful apartment in Davis, CA,
the culmination of a 5-year plan to move to a place where I could have chickens!
It is a community called N Street Co-Housing (see
I might even start eating healthy there, as they have 3-4 community meals per week.



October 22, 2006:


Oct. 22 was the 1st N Street CoHousing day dedicated to improving access (and thus safety) in our neighborhood. It was a satisfying day of activity. Many volunteered time, tools, materials and encouragement! One project was making a ramp into Linda and Kevin's front door. The front was chosen because the width of the back door is too narrow for many wheelchairs (29 "). Obstacles included a 3 " rise and clutter. Here are BEFORE and AFTER photos:


TIME: 3 hours
COST: I believe all materials were donated
RESULT: Priceless

Laurie and Russell tackled clearing their back yard path and patio. Obstacles included overgrown plants, bordering rocks placed too close and clutter. For BEFORE and AFTER photos, click here: PHOTOS.

Other projects for the day included moving hoses, sweeping paths, and spending time talking and thinking about how to improve access and safety in our community.

We'll be doing more Access = Safety Days in the future.
Thanks to all who participated in this one!