EverQuest (EQ) 

EverQuest is a wonderful animated game that is played on-line with people from all over the 3D world (aka earth, or real life), in a land called Norrath.  As you play, your characters battle orcs and goblins and such.  Characters win treasures in battle or by doing quests (such as delivering mail from one town to another).  As they get more experience, characters get stronger, wiser, etc., and are raised levels accordingly.  I have 10 characters that play EQ on the Solusek Ro server.

My sister Tivie, the druid's, home.


Cutesie Pye -- a 67 level Cleric (Human)
"Reluctant Heros" Guild Leader

Cutesie is a cleric, a noble profession, indeed.  People are always getting wounded in battle or bitten by poison spiders.  Clerics come to their aid.  Cutesie was very lucky in that when she was very young, a generous man named came along and gave her some excellent armor; she would not have been able to afford such fine wear for several seasons, so she thanks the heavens for the favor they showed her that day.  She is in the guild that most of her cousins belonged to, and often on Wednesday and Thursday nights, she goes on Guild Hunts with the wild and crazy Reluctant Heros!  (NOTE:  The purpose of the guild is to help people and to have fun--Cutesie enjoys doing both!    She talked several of her cousins into joining the guild, as you can see below.  They are the fashion officers for the guild!) She is the leader of the Reluctant Heros, a fun bunch of adventurers who go out adventuring and hunting to rid the land of vermin and nasty critters.

Snowwy Whyte -- a 60level Enchantress (High Elf)
"Reluctant Heros" guild member

Snowwy can enchant silver, electrum and gold, to make magic jewelry.  She is also getting to be fairly good at fishing and swimming.  She is practicing tailoring with wolf pelts and spider webs, but hasn't gotten too good at it yet.  When she goes to battle she usually casts a spell that makes her a "pet" to travel with her and help her fight; her pet is invisible, so all you see is a sword and shield.  Originally her name was SnowWhyte and every Monday night she would go hunting with several dwarfs, but one night a big bad Game Master saw her and changed her name, saying that it didn't fit the atmosphere of the land. 

Annjelala -- an 9th level Wizard (High Elf)
"Reluctant Heros" guild member

Annjelala is not such a hot wizard or fighter (She's been nicknamed the Wimpy Wizard of Faydwer).  We hope that when she grows up she will amount to something, but we have serious doubts.  She studied hard at pottery, which is about as useless as Sociology in the 3D world.  She has become pretty good at swimming and usually knows what direction she is going in, but that's about all that I can say for her.  Except that, somehow, she makes friends easily.  She is currently traveling west, a continent away from her homeland, hoping to get a new start where no one knows that she is called the Wimpy Wizard.  She plans to go to the land of Erudin and become a great scholar and learn many languages.  She'll return to her home someday, famous and respected...she'll show those brats who teased her for casting floppy spells!

Bavaria -- a 11th level Enchantress (Erudite)
"Reluctant Heros" guild member

Bavaria was born in a far away land and started having dreams from early childhood of a young Bard named Penerien.  She became obsessed with finding him and traveled great distances and put herself at great danger to get to the land of Kelethin, where he lived.  Upon arriving in the land, she met people who knew him, so she realized that her dreams were of a real man.  However, she wandered for many months in this land far from home before her path actually crossed that of this stranger who had captured her heart.  Alas, he was not taken with her, and now she wanders the land with a broken heart. 

Meeshahmae -- a 19th level Warrior (Wood Elf)
"Reluctant Heros" guild member

Meesha is very young and has very little armor, but she is a great fighter.  She often uses a bow and arrow to fight and is learning to make her own arrows.  She has the ability to forage for food and water, so she can go out on long hunts without worrying about coming back to town for food.  However, her bags get full quickly and she usually has to run back to town to sell things!  Life is rough.

Kahlee Sativa-- a 52 level Shadow Knight (Dark Elf)--100% loner, but eventually joined her cousin's guild

Kahlee is the evilest of the evil.  Once they leave their homeland, Dark Elves are KOS, meaning that guards will Kill-On-Sight.  So, she must be quite strong and have excellent armor before she ventures to other lands.  She was given a quest by an older Shadow Knight, which she successfully accomplished; her reward was some good armor.  She itched to travel far away badly during her younger years, but she knew that it would be instant death until she gained a few more levels. Then, in her teens, she started bravely venturing more than a few feet away from the front door.  She thinks Neriak (her homeland) is the most BORING place on Norrath, and now that she is FINALLY older, enjoys traveling and seeing new places.  Once, when she was younger, she traveled to Freeport, thinking that she'd killed enough orcs to make the people of that land more friendly towards her.  All was well until she traveled to the part of town where the good people live and a guard killed her instantly.  Fortunately, a kind Shadow Knight saw what happened and dragged her body into the tunnels under the city, where her re-incarnated self was able to go to retrieve her belongings. He gently reprimanded her for leaving home at such a young age and gave her 5 platinum for when she is old enough to buy spells.  

Liance -- a 7th level Magician (Erudite)
"Reluctant Heros" guild member 

Liance is a character created to live adventures for my friend, Liane.  Liance sees Liane as her Guiding Spirit that she tries to make proud by living an honorable life.  Liance is young enough that can barely move away from the guards right now without getting killed; so, she mostly spends her time killing snakes and mean, ugly creatures called kobolds.  She practiced swimming often, though, since she was living on an island and had planned some day to swim to the island she saw in the distance from her homeland.  However, her plans changed suddenly when she found herself traveling to Freeport to join her cousins and the "Reluctant Heros."  (NOTE:  Liance is the sister of Bavaria and is tired of her parents saying, "Why can't you be more like your sister?"  Some day she'll show them just how different than her sister she is!)


Aprille -- a level 8 ranger 
Reeta-- a young paladin


Other characters in early childhood:

On the Xegony Server:  Pamelala, a wood elf rogue, created to play with my niece's character, Honu. Kalehua, a 12th level warrior that my niece started and gave to me (Thanks, Jessica!), Macay, an Erudite necromancer (a character shared by 3 players).

On The Nameless Server:  Nutritional, an Erudite enchantress created to play with a group of enchanters.

On Rallos ZeK:  Terriona (NOTE:  This server is a PvP server, meaning Player versus Player...yep, it's exactly what it sounds like....orcs and goblins are the least of one's worries, because on this server, the characters can also kill each other.)

To play you need the CD (about $50) and then it costs about $10 per month to play on-line.  To learn more about EverQuest, you can visit one of these websites:

Snowwy in front of the giants' fort in Frontier Mountains.