CJ Jones is a Deaf comedian, actor, producer, director and motivational speaker. His dynamic presence entertains both hearing and Deaf audiences of all ages. His website is:

Lynn Manning is an award winning playwright, poet, athlete and actor in LA. He has been a California arts Council's Artist In Residence with the Mark Taper Forum in Southern California.

Leroy Moore is a lecturer, poet, consultant, essayist, activist, and performance artist. He calls himself a black disabled man with a big mouth and a high IQ. His website affirms his claim:

Frank Moore was breaking in new territory of artistic adventuring long before many performers with disabilities knew they were performers.  A controversial artist on Jessie Helms' hit list, he lives in Berkeley, Ca.

David Roche sometimes can be found in Marin, CA., and is the founder of the Church of 80% Sincerity.  He performs his one man shows internationally and has been one of California Arts Council's Touring Artists.

Tristan Thunderbolt is a Deaf performer, public speaker and more.  He frequently pops up in theatre productions around the San Francisco Bay area and is always a delight to watch perform.

Pamela Walker is returning to making art after several years of doing Art Administrative work.  She has been a union actress, a writer, a video producer and editor, and a closet fine-artist.  Presently she is shopping a screenplay based on college students in the Viet Nam era, a book on artists with disabilities in the late 1980s, and an art calendar from her "Pink to Kink" series of publications.

Traingosorry is a listing of Deaf events, art and what not in the SF Bay area.